Snowy Good Times

At the time of this story, I was 30 years old and living in Eastern Washington State. I'm bisexual 5'10" and a slim build of 170 pounds. It was early February and the snow had been falling down steadily. I stepped outside of my apartment to the more secluded back parking lot to have a smoke. As I stood there enjoying the cool winter night I saw a familiar figure draw closer to me.

"How's it going?" the voice addressed me.

"Good, and you?" I replied recognizing the voice, "Eric right?"

"Yeah man. Good, thanks. What you got going on tonight Seth?" Eric inquired.

"Nothing much. You know, the usual."

Eric didn't waste any time, "You probably know what I'm in the mood for tonight don't you?"

I exhaled after a short drag of my cigarette, "I bet I do. Want a blowjob, huh?"

"You know it", Eric smiled as he slightly grab the crotch of his jeans, "really need a nice release tonight."

One last drag of my smoke and I tossed it down and crushed it beneath my foot. I glanced down at his groin, knowing the magnificent piece of cock that he was blessed with hiding in those pants. "Yeah I do know it. Let's go back behind the dumpsters as usual just in case."

A couple minutes later and I was down on my knees as I watched Eric unzip his jeans and pull out his half erect cock. I leaned forward grabbing the base of his tool with my hand and greeted his swelling dick with a nice warm willing mouth. I wasted no time bobbing my head back and forth on his stiffening rod as he moaned with pleasure.

Eric didn't have the biggest cock I'd ever touched, swallowed or pleased, but it was absolutely gorgeous. Seven straight porportioned inches with a nice defined head. He would always stay hard for me for as long as it took for him to get ready to the point of climax and I never quit before he said he was good.

I made mouth love to his juicy meat for a deliciously satisfying 20 minutes until I felt his body tense and his cold hands grab both sides of my head. I sucked feverishly and greedily with more suction in anticipation of the best part. And then Eric groaned as he released a hot thick load of cum into my hungry mouth. I kept bobbing my head as I swallowed every creamy drop of juice down my throat and down to warmmy belly. I sucked his dick dry, feeling his balls tighten up against my chin.

Once i was certain no cum would be left untasted, I released his cock from my mouth and looked up at him with a happy smile. I licked my lips as he smiled down to me and began zipping his pants back up after tucking his tool back in.

Eric sighed as he kept eye contact, "Damn Seth you're so good at that. It's hard to believe you're not gay."

I chuckled "I like cock as well as pussy. No complaints right?"

"Definitely no complaints from me", He replied, "It's just nice having a bud that loves sucking cock no questions asked."

"I love sucking your cock especially. Really love the taste of your cum in my throat as well", I said as I stood up.

Eric's face slightly lost his smile "Can I ask you a question?"

"You just had your dick in my mouth and jizzed down my throat. I think you are allowed to ask me a question" I joked.

"You do more with guys?"

"What you mean?" I insisted.

He continued, "I mean, well. I'd like to feel your ass."

I looked as his face showed hesitation, "Feel my ass? You can feel my ass anytime. I'll strip naked for you to suck your dick. Or do you mean you wanna feel my ass from the inside?"

He looked down and away so I made it easy for him. "You wanna fuck my ass sometime?"

He looked back up to me "I'd like to try it"

I smiled, "Eric, I'll let you fuck my ass. But the same rules apply."

"Rules?" Eric paused.

"You fuck my ass and then you cum in my ass" I explained.

Eric Smiled "I'm looking forward to it. See you tomorrow night", and then turned back towards the apartment building and disappeared in the shadows and the falling snow.

I had been meeting Eric a few times a week and sucking him off back behind that dumpster for a few months, all the while wondering how long until he wanted to get a crack at my ass.

The next night it would seem I would finally get to be his ass bitch and not just his go-to cocksucker.


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